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Not all insurance companies are the same, nor are all insurance agents. That is why working with a Trusted Choice Independent Agent makes sense. Shopping for insurance is not a simple process; however, we work harder to ensure you know what you’re buying and why you need it.

With over 90 years experience in the Otero County/Alamogordo area we have the expertise to handle all of your insurance needs including:

Our passion is to help you as our customer have the protection you need, so you can focus on being successful and enjoying the peace of mind of  having an insurance plan in place that will work when the time comes.  We are committed to providing you the peace of mind protection you need, so when the unexpected happens, you’re covered.

As an Independent Insurance Agent we represent multiple insurance companies, which allow us to provide our customers access to a broad set of products and services that can be uniquely designed to fit your needs.

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  • We Represent Our Clients

    we represent our clients and not the insurance companies; we negotiate for you to save money and get the best deal?

    You recently gotten married or divorced You had a baby Your children have all moved out of the house Your teenager is getting a drivers license You have recently purchased a new toy, such as motorcycle, RV, wave runner, ATV.